The division responsible for legal services relevant to banking and financing sectors shall provide legal services and consultancies, most particularly for such executive procedures, as well as legal and administrative actions, whether criminal or civil, before all courts of Kuwait. Such services shall include:
  • Drafting contracts, letters of guarantee, banking guarantees, and credit documents
  • Legal consultancies concerning banking works, deposits, investment funds (in terms of establishment, drafting of AOAs, re-promulgation of subscription and issuance of licenses).
  • Trust funds and commercial agreements of all types, including: agreements of mortgage facilities, whether pledge of portfolio, pledge of shares, properties, investment funds, shops, ships, and right of usufruct, subrogation of rights, agreements of loaning of banking, drafting of Islamic Sharia-compliant agreements, documentary credits, letters of guarantee, accounts of all types, guarantees, money laundering lawsuits and all advices relevant thereto, credit cards, ATMs.
  • Forgery of all types: banknotes or documents, embezzling, armed robbery, general assembly, in terms of drafting minutes, attending meetings, all advices and bylaws relevant thereto, attending important meetings, public and private subscriptions of shares of companies.